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  • 2014/10/17, MiFoBio 2014 and the Master in Cell Imaging

    The 6th edition of the French Microscopy School MiFiBio took place in October 4-10, 2014 at Seignosse (France). This meeting brought together 16 former students of the Master in Cell Imaging working now in various academic organisations (Universities, CNRS, Inserm, imaging platforms ...) or private companies (Leica Microsystems, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, PhotonLines, Sanofi, MaunaKéa, etc...).

  • 2014/09/05, The 10th anniversary of Master in Cell Imaging

    The Master in Cell Imaging celebrated its 10th anniversary on September 5. Supported by the Cell Imaging platform PRIMACEN and its high-tech equipment, this course welcomes students coming from all over France and French-speaking countries since it opened in 2004. Looking at these 10-year activities, results are extremely positive with a professional integration rate above 80% and an increasing French and European attractiveness.

    This anniversary was the opportunity to bring together teachers, former students and future graduates for an afternoon. It also represents a turning point for the Master, which will take an international dimension from September 2015. Then, with the support of the European Imaging Network EuroBioImaging, the Master in Cell Imaging will be able to welcome a large panel of international students in initial education or long-life training.






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