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Master in Cell Imaging


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IMAC Master : 


The Master in Cell Imaging provides an innovative multidisciplinary approach in Biology, Imaging, Processing, Metrology and Platform management. 

Thanks to a course including intensive lab work on PRIMACEN's high-tech equipment, students acquire a scientific and technical expertise in cell imaging wich offers various opportunities.


  Cellular Imagery in short :


Cellular Imagery is a research discipline based on tools development and set of techniques allowing to put in evidence the specifics cells visualization that can be involving in pathological processes or some aspects of their function until the acquisition of cellular images.


Cellular analysis is carried out to assess and measure actual state of cells, their integrity, toxicity, or their viability too. She also permits various research applications. Its interests are many, for example a study of the cellular migration or localization, in analysis of the immune response or the therapy by stem cells.


Cellular imagery is a study domain different of medical imagery that brings together the means of acquisition and the reconstitution of human body from different physical phenomena ( X-rays absorption, nuclear magnetic resonance,  ultrasonic wave reflection, radioactivity…) allowing to visualize anatomy, physiology or the metabolism of human body.


Cellular imagery uses optical imagery technical (fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy and macroscopy, electronic and photonic microscopy), but also the manipulation of image acquisition software such as ImageJ, Imaris, SciLab, Metamorph, etc… These technics and software will be able to control within this master.


If you want or wish to :

  • discover what a cellular imagery is ?

  • figure out how an image of cells in an article is obtained ?

  • increase your knowledge about technical imagery.

  • use imaging devices in a laboratory.

  • work in association with laboratories of different domains.

  • support researchers in their studies.


Prerequisites : 

M1: Holders of a Bachelor's degree in Cell biology,
Biochemistry or international equivalent  
M2 : Holders of a Master 1 or a Master 2 in cell biology 
or physics with additional experience in cell imaging


 Learning environment :


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