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Computer Engineer, Excilone, Elancourt (78), FR Renewable 1-year Engineer contract, Marseille, FR Phd Biophotonics, Pasteur Institute, Paris, FR 2-year contract Engineer, Collège de France, Paris, FR Renewable 1-year contract, Paris, FR Renewable 1-year Engineer contract, CDF, Paris, FR Engineer position, Curie Institute, Paris, FR Engineer position, IPMC, Nices, FR Technician position, CEA, Paris, FR Product Application Manager, Leica, Mannheim, DE (n°LEI004068) Engineer position (1 year), Orléans, FR Engineer position (1 year), Paris, FR Engineer position (1 year), Nantes, FR Engineer position (2 years), Cergy, FR
Associate Microscopist, Delaware, US 8-month Assistant Engineer contract, Paris, FR Postdoc position, Pasteur Institute, Paris, FR 3-Year contract Engineer, EMBL Heidelberg, DE 2 product support engineer positions, Andor, USA PhD multimodal imaging, Limoges, FR   PhD synchrotron imaging, Reims, FR   Light microscopist specialist, Max Delbrück Center, Berlin, DE Engineer position, INRA, Jouy en Josas, FR Assistant Engineer position (1 year), Lyon, FR Engineer position (1 year), Montpellier, FR Engineer position (18 months), Marseille, FR
Image processing, Argolight, Pessac (33), FR Project Manager, USPeD, Rouen, FR Engineer position, Pasteur Institute, Paris, FR Microscopy and Imaging Engineer, Pasteur Institute, Paris, FR Engineer position, DIADE, Montpellier, FR PhD FRET, Rennes, FR   Engineer position, Brain&Spine Institute, Paris, FR   Expert in Microscopy and Bioimage Analysis, Basel, CH Engineer position (permanent), Dundee, Scotland, UK Engineer position (1 year), Nice, FR

Image analyst position (1 year), Munick, GE

Microscopy Sales engineer position Andor, FR

Phd Biophotonics, Illkirch (67), FR  Biomedical Engineer, USPeD, Rouen, FR Optics Engineer position, Imagopole, Paris, FR Technical Support Specialist at 3i, Denver, Colorado, USA Technician contract, L'Oréal, Paris, FR Sale application contract, Leica, North-East France          Engineer position (1 year), Rouen, FR  Innovation Manager position, LVMH, Orléans, FR  Head of image analysis group, Southampton, UK Application engineer position, Bioaxial, Paris, FR  
Phd Super Resolution, Illkirch (67), FR Research Engineer contract, Bordeaux, FR Research Engineer contract, Centuri, Marseille, FR   PhD 3D microscopy, Marseille, FR Sale application contract, Leica, South-East France          Engineer position (1 year), Montpellier, FR  Engineer position, Montpellier, FR  Image analysis investigator, Wisconsin – Madison, US Engineer position (1 year), Ile-de-France, FR
Sale application contract, NIKON, FR (west)       PhD bi-modal microscopy, Marseille, FR Engineer contract (disabled worker), INRA, Versailles, FR             Engineer position (1 year), Institut Curie, Paris FR  Engineer position (2 years), Grenoble, FR
                         Engineer position, Gustav Roussel, Villejuif, FR  
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