Master Imagerie pour la Biologie
University of Rouen - PRIMACEN
Master in Cell Imaging


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After Graduating from the Master, I achieved another one in optic engineering, to finally end my educational carreer with a PhD in Biophysics.
I am now a sales engineer at the bio-imaging department of a photonic distributor, named Photon Lines, where my activity is shared between sales, research and sourcing to develop our product line.
Coming from a pure biologist background, the Master gave me the opportunity to enlarge my range of competence in a very active working field, where being at the interface between physics and biology is a huge asset. The teaching is wide and flexible enough, so it will fit your own professional project. While having a fairly long academic record, I must admit that valuing the cell imaging master's content and its renowned long standing really helped me to get a job.

 Thomas Gelot (2005-2007). Sales engineer, Photon Lines

I’m a high school biology engineer specialized in histology and electron microscopy technology.
After having worked 7 years in one of the world leading pharmaceutical company, I decided to join the Imacell master class in imaging technology for many reasons :
- the program covers the domains that biologist need to explore by using imaging systems.
- The very last high quality imaging systems and discovery are shared with students.
- The high level and the large network of Imacell offers many opportunities to attend high quality training period.
Coming back to my career, the master degree raises me as a consultant involved in many research Program. Now, i'm in charge of an imaging platform and i’m involved in different oncology and immunology research program.

 Al Hassan Cassé (2008-2009)

At the end of my second year of Master, I applied for a competition at the CNRS for a permanent position on an imaging facility in Bordeaux. I was selected for oral and I finally got the job less than two months after I finished the Master.
I am now engineer on this facility, the Bordeaux Imaging Center.I am in charge of several photonic imaging systems such as confocal, spinning-disk, multiphoton, or super-resolution microscope, in terms of maintenance, metrology and users training. I am involved in manydifferents activities such as organizing institutional training in microscopy and image analysis, but also management and communication. Recently I had the responsibility to implement of new system of multiphoton microscopy according to the need of users.
The Master gave me the necessary skills to obtain my position, but also to fit in my new job. It relies on the imaging core facility of Rouen, PRIMACEN, where I did my internship, which allows to understand what is an imaging facility.

 Sébastien Marais (2007-2009). Imaging engineer, Bordeaux Imaging Center
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