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About the University of Rouen-Normandie


Rouen Mont-Saint-Aignan university is a wide campus containing a tall library dealing about different domains, many restoration sites, many facilities of practice work. 

The Colbert place, in the North of the campus, also has some shops than can attract students for their interest. 

Moreover, this campus is located to less than 15 minutes to the downtown of Rouen and the means of transport allow a optimal mobility to travel the city. 





Mont-Saint-Aignan Campus

Video of Mont-Saint-Aignan campus


Madrillet Campus

Video of Madrillet Campus



Tuition fees



For more informations of tuition fees in France, you can click on this link Tuition fees in France for access to the government website. 



Means of transport

The agency "réseau astuce" manage the public transport in Rouen, to access on their website, you can click in this link réseau-astuce.en

An apply is also available mixing different ways of transport to travel without difficulty, it's called "comment j'y vais" and means how am I going. For more information, the website is 



Issues with administration ?



For any administrative problems, please contact in priority the administrative school !








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